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Helping you work out your Shared Ownership affordability. 

If you're just getting started on your Shared Ownership journey you may be wondering what you can afford to buy. 

To understand your own affordability for Shared Ownership, enter your details below and estimated costings will be calculated automatically.


How to use the affordability calculator

We've make working out affordability for Shared Ownership as simple as we possibly can with this calculator, but you'll need to have a few things to hand to get started.

  1. The price of the property you are considering
  2. The minimum share available to purchase
  3. what percentage you have available as a deposit

Each of our available schemes will include all of the information you should need for the above, on the dedicated development page and our downloadable brochures.

Each scheme has a 'From price' when you search for available properties in your area, if you want to discuss this with a member of our team you can submit an enquiry on the property and we'll get back to you.


Shared Ownership Affordability Calculator

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The affordability information above is based on the following monthly costs:
Homes at this development can be purchased between 25% - 75% of the property's full market value.
You are able to buy more of your home through the Staircasing process, where you can purchase additional shares at this development in increments of 10%.
Please note, as a Shared Owner you are responsible for all repairs and maintenance within your home.

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Now you've checked your affordability, it's time to find the right home. With properties across the Midlands, Lincolnshire and beyond, explore our available homes for Shared Ownership.

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*The Platform Home Ownership affordability calculator is based on the results obtained from a range of mortgage lenders own calculators and it therefore indicative and should be used for guidance only.

Due to the variation in lenders calculators and credit scoring a result showing a mortgage loan is affordable does not mean that you will necessarily be able to obtain a mortgage of the amount indicated as affordable.

Platform Home Ownership are not financial advisors, and this tool is to be used for research purposes only. Speak to a specialist mortgage broker to discuss your finances.