The Falcons, Carterton

A selection of 2, 3 and 4-bedroom homes in Oxfordshire available through Shared Ownership and Rent to Buy.

From £164,000

Available properties

Two, three and four bedroom homes available with Shared Ownership and Rent to Buy.
  • 10 year build warranty
  • Amenities Nearby
  • Countryside Location
  • First Phase
  • Play Area
  • Schools Nearby
  • Summer Move In Date
  • Transport links
  • Walking Path

The development

Introducing The Falcons - a brand new development nestled amongst stunning countryside in a region filled with heritage.

This scheme of 2, 3 and 4-bedroom homes is located in Carterton in Oxfordshire - one of the area’s newest towns - offering the perfect blend of modern living and countryside tranquillity making it ideal for first-time buyers or families seeking affordable homes via shared ownership.

Located between Oxford and Cirencester, The Falcons represents high-quality living in a beautiful part of the country, ideal for families or couples that want to settle down and get their foot on the property ladder.

Platform is excited to be delivering this landmark new development within the Oxfordshire area.

Built by United Living Homes, The Falcons comprises a selection of 2, 3 and 4-bedroom homes offered on a Shared Ownership and Rent to Buy basis.

The development name is a nod to the historic parachute regiment based out of the nearby RAF air base - Brize Norton - and reflects the heritage that can be found throughout the region.

Available as part of our Shared Ownership and Rent to Buy schemes, The Falcons is a fantastic opportunity to get on the property ladder via an affordable homes scheme.

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Carterton Local Area

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Nestled in the Carterton countryside

The Falcons Bedroom
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Local Area Information

Carterton offers a variety of schools for residents of The Falcons development, ranging from pre-school all the way to college. Including Gateway Primary School, a school catering for 4-11 year olds with close links to the nearby RAF base, Brize Norton, which has been rated 'Good' by OFSTED.

With close links to the A40, Carterton benefits from convenient access to other towns within Oxfordshire, such as Witney and Burford, and to cities such as Oxford. The A40 also provides access to London, with connections to the M40. 

Less than 10 miles away is Shipton train station offering routes to Oxford, London and Cheltenham. Regular bus services also run throughout the town for residents who are reliant on public transport. 

In Carterton, you truly get the best of both worlds - picturesque countryside views with a vibrant town life just a stone's throw away from The Falcons development. 

The town centre offers an abundance of amenities, mostly being independent businesses. Ranging from restaurants and cafes to hairdressers and nail salons, residents of Carterton do not need to travel far for a tasty evening meal with family or a catch up over coffee with a friend.

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For further information, please download our brochure below.



Please submit an enquiry to Platform Home Ownership and the dedicated Sales Consultant for the development will make contact with you.


Apply Now

The Sales Consultant will send you the application form for you to complete. Please return the completed form back to us via email to .



Upon receipt of your application and once approved we will refer you for an affordability assessment to determine the most affordable share for you.



Once passed, we will then send you an offer letter for your chosen plot where possible


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Frequently asked questions

Most buyers who can’t afford to buy a home outright can apply to buy through shared ownership.

We may also be able to help if you need to move because of a relationship breakdown or if your work requires you to live in an area outside your price range.

In order to buy through the Shared Ownership scheme, you must be able to demonstrate that you can afford and sustain home ownership. If you proceed with Shared Ownership you will be required to undertake an affordability assessment.

You must meet our adverse credit policy, if you have a history of adverse credit you are unlikely to be accepted depending on individual circumstances.

Shared owners still have to pay many of the usual costs involved in buying a home.

Reservation fee

We will ask you for a £250 deposit to reserve your chosen home. When the sale goes through we put this towards your purchase payments. However, we cannot refund it if the sale does not go through.

Mortgage deposit and fees

Most mortgage lenders will ask for a 5% or 10% deposit towards the price of the share you want to buy. They are also likely to charge a valuation fee and administration fees.

Legal fees

Solicitors’ charges can vary so it is best to get a few estimates. You will also have to pay Land Registry and local search fees, and may have to pay stamp duty depending on the value of the property.

After you've moved in

You also need to budget for the ongoing costs of owning a home.

Mortgage repayments

You will have to make monthly mortgage repayments to your lender. Depending upon the type of mortgage you have, these repayments may vary as interest rates change.


You pay a subsidised monthly rent to us on the share of your home which we own. The amount is reviewed on the 1st April each year.

Service charges

You will have to pay a small charge if your home has any facilities or communal areas which we maintain, such as shared entrance halls, lighting and grounds. Your service charge will also include your buildings insurance and your management fee.

Household bills

These include your council tax and utility bills for water, gas and electricity.


We will arrange for any defects on new-build homes to be repaired during a set time period. After that time has elapsed, you will be responsible for arranging and paying for all repairs to your home.

Home contents insurance

We provide buildings insurance with the cost of your service charge but this does not cover your belongings. We strongly recommend you arrange your own home contents insurance.

Much will depend on your other financial commitments and what property/share you want to buy. We don't want you to be overstretched, so we need to be sure that you can afford to pay your mortgage and rent. We look at each application individually and will advise you on your options.

Shared ownership schemes are backed by government funding to help people on smaller incomes. So you will not qualify for most shared ownership schemes if your household income is less than £10,000 or more than £80,000 a year.

On the property listings for some of our shared ownership homes, you will see that we state a local connection to the area is required.

This generally applies in rural areas and small villages where land has been made available specifically for affordable housing to meet the needs of local people, rather than for private development.

These are known as ‘rural exception sites’ or 'protected areas' and are controlled by ‘Section 106 Agreements’. They aim to help local people and families afford homes in the area where they grew up.

The local connection criteria can vary between different developments, but is usually based on the following:

applicant was born in the area and has lived there for a number of years

applicant has permanently lived in the area for a number of years

applicant used to live in the area for a number of years but had to move away because of the lack of affordable housing

applicant has been permanently employed in the area for a number of years

The number of years is usually between 2 and 5, although this differs by local authority

Usually priority is given to applicants with a local connection to the parish. If there are still properties remaining, allocation will be opened up to surrounding parishes and then to the whole of the local authority area. This ensures that the homes are occupied by residents as local to the area as possible.

If you want to find out more about the local connection criteria for a particular development, or check if you qualify, please email

Yes you can, once you have moved into your Shared Ownership property, providing you can afford it, you are able to buy more of your home through the process of Staircasing.